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The core of the great Solidarity movement was the dream of freedom and democracy, understood as an innate right of every human being to decide his or her own fate and to share responsibility for the fate of the nation.

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Games of Freedom photorelation

The Foundation co-organized the panel "Media in the face of the crisis - information noise"

During this year's Lodz Freedom Games, the Foundation organized a discussion panel entitled "Media in the face of crisis - information noise". The discussion was attended by: prof. Ferenc Hammer (director of the Department of Media and Communication at Loranda Eötvös University in Budapest), Stanisław Skarżyński (Gazeta Wyborcza) and prof. Cecile Vaissie (University of Rennes). Discussion was moderated by Grzegorz Rzeczkowski ("Polityka" Magazine).

This year’s leading theme of Freedom Games was devoted to the influence of technology on societies, democracies and labor market. The technological advancement of the previous decade resulted in an increasing integration of digital reality and every-day experiences. Social media have not only influenced the way in which people interact with one anothe, but have also had a significant impact on culture, politics and social relations. Automatization and computerization have changed the methods of gathering information, ways of accessing culture as well as the way people work. Technology can offer solutions to the most burning issues related to the future of our world: poverty, access to education and culture, overcoming communication barriers between nations – however, it may at the same time generate new challenges and pose threats that we cannot yet imagine.

Geremek Foundation has organized a panel discussion at the lat year's GAMES OF FREEDOM 2016 "CULTURAL CLASHES" organized in Lodz by Liberte! The conference was a response to the growing European (but also Polish) dilemma associated with the coexistence in the same space of different faiths and cultures, professing different value systems. The event October 22, 2016 The Foundation co-organizes a panel discussion entitled: "European fears of Islam" whose guests were Anna J. Dudek, Farid Hafez, Katarzyna Gorak-Sosnowska and Nilüfer Göle.